The Gadgets Everyone Wants For Their Home

By AFN Media

Smartphones aren't the only gadget you can accessorize your home with, now with the ever-growing change in technology you can make your home a smart one. 



Introducing one of the first deadbolt locks with Wi-Fi. This allows you to check the status of the lock when you are away. We all have those moments wondering if we locked the door or not. If you do ever forget you can lock it from the app on your smartphone if neighbors need to stop by and drop something off just unlock it when they arrive. 



The Nest thermostat is unlike any other thermostat. It was introduced back in 2011, and since then it has helped save a ton of energy to the homeowners who purchased it. It is a learning thermostat, so it remembers the temperatures you like during the time of day. You can further control the device using your smartphone, telling it when to kick the heat up or down from wherever you may be. It also has sensors to check if you have left your home if you have it will adjust to a temperature to help save energy. 


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2017 is the year of smart speakers. Currently, the two largest on the market is the Amazon Echo, and the Google Home with both Microsoft and Apple set to introduce their versions later this year.  These devices are voice activated when you call it by its name. You can ask them any question, to play music, check traffic, weather updates or connect it to devices in your home that will turn off lights, adjust temperature and more. All you need is Wi-Fi and your device is ready to go. Amazon is also getting ready to release the Echo Show which will include a screen that will allow you to view Youtube videos, check security cameras, weather, a to-do list all hands-free. Currently, the smart speakers are the biggest craze of 2017.